Perhaps someone in this community has had a similar experience and would be willing to share their perspective. We said that we missed her and loved her ( we don’t), but she said nothing of the sort. She was very weak, didn’t say a lot.

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  • She would often not come to the phone when I called to speak with her.
  • To be able to recognize that, even if I didn’t really like some of the sides I saw of him, it was still neat because I felt good in myself.
  • So these new eyes were seeing this person and realizing many things.
  • I thought I would hate to be here in the house all alone but I’m just fine.
  • These comments are hilarious…too bad Art’s life has turned into such drama.

Those upward spikes, way more often than not, are based on profiteering, greed, urząd pocztowy michałowice impulse, emotion, and people trying to get over on each other with better-buy-now-or-else rationales. As for reality and facts, they take a temporary back seat to the mad rush. Now there are isolated instances when death significantly impacts an artist’s price structure, but a specific set of conditions must be in place for that to happen. First, the artist has to be relatively famous or well-known in certain circles, and their art has to be relatively expensive and in demand by collectors. When that happens, a sort of market panic or temporary insanity may set in. As for you artists who believe that the only solution to your art not selling or your art not selling for “what it’s really worth,” is a visit from the grim reaper, think again.

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I was the second sibling and a mistake, an oops. Thanksgiving always reminds me of her dislike of me, no matter how I tried to provide a beautiful meal and pretty table just to please her. I know that her ways were from her mother who left her to raise her brothers at an early age. I have tried to understand her feelings for her disdain for me and understand that her mother abandoning her hurt her so very much. I really believe that she acted out because of that. I have always known from a small child that she wishes I had not been born.

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We can’t help, but feel her memory has been disrespected. Although, we knew too well how dependant Art was on Mona there should be more to her legacy left behind then what little was shared by him on the air. So much more than her occasional temper that he shared so intently.

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I think that is because I am not regretful of any of my actions towards her. I regret it had to go that way, but I tried to make every choice and decision knowing my future self would judge me. I can think of her with a melancholy that is warm but bittersweet. She probably did the best she could…it was what it was, and a big part of my life and that is ok. Now that her “her Robbie” is gone she says she is so glad I am there to take care of her.

He has been an alcoholic as soon as stressful times hit him. Recently he passed from suicide and I feel really bad due to not speaking to him for the past few years or even offering any sort of support. It was so sudden and I’m still in shock as it happened a few days ago. I can’t imagine the level of pain he was going through to end his own life and to think I may have played a part in his depression being worse. I feel like I have wasted the short time we still had together as our differences could have been worked through. My son died 3 years ago at the age of 27.

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No one, other than her equally toxic cousin, is sorry she passed. It just saddens me because we’re family, and he thought so terribly of me. When we could’ve had a good relationship.